Small businesses are the backbone of commerce in this country, and the Stapleton community is no exception.

Home to more than 40 small, women- and minority- owned retail shops, medical facilities, professional service companies, and restaurants, these businesses exemplify the best of economic success, diversity and community participation Stapleton has to offer.



Michelle Stefanon always loved beautiful things. And a trip to Italy over a decade ago taught her that an effective life-work balance is a beautiful thing.

“It seems like Europeans live very differently from us,” Stefanon says. “They believe that work, family and life in general can and should be intertwined. We work so much during our lives; we need to be passionate about what we do and play a little more. Experience more joy.”

In Italian, “fiori” means flowers, and “amore” means love. So upon her return, Stefanon blended her passion – the “love of flowers,” —and Stapleton’s Amore Fiori Flowers and Gifts was born.

Open since 2003, Stefanon deliberately chose Stapleton, particularly the Town Center, as the spot for her venture.

“Stapleton was just starting to be built, and it already had that feeling of community,” she says. “I wanted to know my customers personally, and that’s what the atmosphere in the Town Center offered. Some of my customers have been coming in since before they had children. Now I know their kids!”

Amore Fiori recreates the feeling of an outdoor Italian flower market filled with captivating gifts, seasonal décor, plants and a vibrant array of fresh flowers.

Her staff of seven flower and art design experts is available to bring beauty and joy all who enter the shop.

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Welcome to Blue Creek, a therapeutic health spa!

Nestled in the heart of the Stapleton Town Center, Blue Creek offers an escape from the hectic and a place to relax, reflect, and heal.

A true destination health retreat without the long commute, Blue Creek owners Megan Moon Long and Cherie Monlezun offer acupuncture, massage therapy, skin care and community healing. Blue Creek uses a combination of services that have been designed to offer a unique blend of treatments and style – where health can be embraced from the outside in and the inside out.

Whether you are taking a day for yourself or stopping by for a quick pick-me-up, there is something for everyone.

Enjoy Blue Creek’s soothing and sustainably sourced retreat created for the community to come to revive and retreat! It is a place where your authentic self is celebrated, honored and cared for.

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This Sushi restaurant has a little bit of something for everyone.  Serving up traditional sushi and sashimi to teriyaki chicken and steak or for vegetarians try the vegetarian sushi.  Start your meal off with a bang and try some dynamite (sautéed seafood, mushrooms and spicy dynamite sauce)!  Serving lunch and dinner.

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When Dakini Jaeger began practicing yoga 18 years ago, she always knew she would one day open her own studio.

Today, the owner of Stapleton’s Corepower Yoga not only owns a piece of the franchise, she has grown her studio to more than 36 employees.

“I always wanted to open a studio in Stapleton because I love the energy here,” she says. “ I love this community because the people are urban, but they’re also highly athletic and love outdoor activities. It was a perfect fit for what we do, and for the Stapleton lifestyle.”

Jaeger has owned and operated the studio for seven years, and offers yoga classes and retreats for all fitness levels, retreats, boot camps, wellness cleanses and even yogi training. Not bad for her first studio.

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Stapleton Cleaners is the first on-site cleaning facility that works with eco friendly machines and laundry detergent that was approved by the City of Stapleton and the City of Denver. The hours are long — 7am-7pm daily and closed on Sundays; but with the owner, Cindy Shin, being so caring she will usually meet her customer’s request. Since she was a seamstress when she first came to America she does all of the alterations, and there is usually nothing that she cannot do. Her English is not perfect and sometimes it is hard for people to understand, but she gets to know her customers on a first and last name basis. She loves her job and her customers. To others this may not be the American Dream but, to her she is living the perfect dream.



If you’re looking for the best in women’s health care, look no further than Stapleton Women’s Health.

Stapleton Women’s Health provides obstetric care, gynecology, preventive care and various surgical procedures to women in Stapleton and its surrounding communities.

Led by Dr. Valerie Ginsburg, M.D., the entirely female staff at Stapleton Women’s Health is committed to providing women honest, compassionate, evidence-based medical care every step of the way. In fact, it is that commitment that keeps the practice in high demand, yet accessible.

“I opened my practice in Stapleton in 2014 because the people here are educated, informed and interested in leading healthy lifestyles,” says Dr. Ginsburg. “It’s a wonderful match for our work and our vision.

“We recognize that each patient is unique, so each patient has a customized, collaborative treatment plan designed to promote optimal health, wellness and recovery.”

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29th Avenue Nail Salon

It has been eight years since SueMi Han opened her business, 29th Avenue Nail Salon, in Stapleton’s Town Square. And her decision to open her salon in this vibrant location has paid off.

“We chose this location because we wanted to grow with this community,” Han says. “And as this area has grown, so have we.”

The salon features spa-like services in a serene setting.  A quiet refuge from the hustle and bustle of the Town Square.

“We love the energy here,” Han continued. “But we also like to give our customers a place to slow down and indulge in a little self-care.”

The salon’s eight large pedicure stations with massage capabilities guarantee a relaxing experience, while friendly nail technicians provide customers provide manicures against the backdrop of soothing music.

Feel free to make an appointment, or just drop by. Walk-ins are always welcome.




At Williams Family Dentistry we strive to develop long lasting relationships with our patients and neighbors. We get to know each person as an individual. We use the latest proven technologies and techniques along with a gentle and caring approach that you can trust is in your best interest. We take the time to educate our patients so they can actively and confidently participate in making decisions about their dental health.

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Shift Cycle + Fitness


Many new moms have more than one reason for being unable to hit the gym on a regular basis. No time, children underfoot, emotionally and mentally overwhelmed.

While Stapleton is known and revered for the active lifestyles of its residents, those reasons can be legitimate barriers for getting or staying in shape, despite the physical and mental health benefits regular exercise provides.

But Whitney Christensen is putting an end to all of that.

As the owner of Shift Cycle + Fitness, Christensen is making it easy and fun for parents and others to squeeze in fitness, fun and family into their optimum health endeavors.

Shift Cycle + Fitness is an indoor cycling studio in north Stapleton off of Central Park Boulevard.

“As a new mom, I had very little time to focus on myself – much less work out,” says Christensen. “Even when I did find the energy and motivation to work out, I was at a loss to find a place where I felt comfortable bringing my young baby. That’s why I wanted to create Shift.”

“I wanted a place that focused on everything positive and would lift me from my funk, as well as offer childcare in a clean,  transparent environment.”

Shift Cycle + Fitness offers childcare which is located right at the front of the studio surrounded by a half wall.

“Although our program can lead to dramatic physical changes, we focus on freeing the soul and letting go; focusing inward and finding the strength to not only crush a workout, but the power and fortitude to overcome daily stresses and enlighten their lives.”

Stop by the studio, or visit to find out more about Shift Cycle + Fitness.

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Dr. Jack Nguyen, DDS is happy to bring his new practice to Stapleton. Starting a business is no small feat and relocating a business takes time as well as thorough research. Dr. Jack Nguyen delved into both processes simultaneously when he decided to go solo and start his own practice—Awesome Dental Stapleton. He prides himself on running a safe, respectful, honest and patient-oriented practice. With a variety of services—cleanings, root canals, fillings, bridges, implants, oral surgery and dentures—Awesome Dental Stapleton has everything your mouth could need.


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Café of Life Chiropractic is a unique healing environment in Stapleton’s South End neighborhood that offers vitalistic chiropractic services. Café of Life is proud to offer its unique and healing services to all ages (jncluding infants) and all seeking healing, growth, alignment and relaxation.

In the spectrum of life and vitality, humans have great potential. The human body is  constantly self-regulating and self-healing. However, the many stressors encountered in life can interfere with that ability. That interference happens within the spine, creating a disconnect between the brain and the body.

At the Café of Life, the primary focus is to help remove those interferences and allow the body to reach its optimum potential for function, healing, performance, and much more.

“We are proud to anchor our services in Stapleton because of the people here,” says owner Dr. Allie Evans. “Their energy and light drew us to this place, and we invite you to visit us.”

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“We live in Stapleton, we love it here, and we never considered opening our business anywhere else,” says Dr. Kristin Robbins, owner of Central Park Dental. “We were among the first businesses to open in Stapleton.”

Located in the heart of Stapleton’s South End, “my staff and I offer an engaging, light-filled and comfortable atmosphere for the attainment and maintenance of optimal dental health. And we believe in face-to-face interaction, which is why we make sure our customers have a friendly voice on the phone, and a friendly face in the office. It’s essential to good business and our customers deserve it.”



When Stacy Read digs in, she really digs in.

While visiting Colorado in the late 1990s, she drove through the area destined to become Stapleton and looked over the redevelopment plans for the upcoming neighborhood.

“I wondered why anyone would want to move to the site of an old airport,” she says.

But when she returned to Colorado to live in 2000, she not only realized Stapleton was where she wanted to put down roots; she decided it was the ideal place to open her new business.

In 2006, Read purchased a rural lot of land in Stapleton’s South End neighborhood and opened Digstown Doggie Day Care Lodge and Spaw.

Digstown typically cares for up to 120 dogs a day, some day care, some boarding. Because the facility strives to accommodate a variety of needs, they even offer emergency house sitting on occasion. They also care for dogs of all sizes and stripes, including those who are blind, elderly or have medical needs. For personalized attention, there’s a caretaker for every 10 little critters in their center.

But without another location, Digstown was bursting at the seams.

So, in late 2015, she opened a second Digstown location. The northern facility, at 5088 North Central Blvd., is slightly larger and can accommodate up to 200 dogs a day.

Both facilities offer baths, pools, shade, climate-controlled lodging areas, and even mani-pedis.

“Stapleton has just the community vibe I yearn for,” she says. “I knew that I wanted to live and work here, so I purchased my first home here, opened both doggie day care sites here and my two children attend school in Stapleton as well.”

And there are plans to dig in further with the anticipated opening of her third business in Stapleton, a liquor store, in early 2016. She is also in her third Stapleton home, the latest one in Conservatory Green.

“Stapleton has everything I want, so I never saw the need to go into another area when everything I want is right here – including all the furry friends I could ever want.”

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Rachel Averch, founder of Montessori Children’s House of Denver (MCHD) has degrees in Education Administration and Montessori, Director Qualifications and a Level IV professional credential, and two teenage boys of her own. Rachel has taught in, mentored teachers in, and administered Montessori schools in Denver for over 27 years as well as engaging actively as a leader in the Montessori community and serving on the Colorado Montessori Association’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors.

At MCHD, they believe that reaching a high level of learning does not come from enforcing a strict regimen but instead is the result of astute teacher observation, guidance and collaboration along with providing a carefully prepared learning environment that nurtures, supports and inspires your child’s innate desire to learn. MCHD is committed to encouraging and supporting individual growth and development for your child.

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Fashion-forward. Eco-friendly. Eclectic.

Plum is a locally grown and operated modern consignment boutique specializing in curated clothing for women. Their spin on resale offers shoppers a fashionable way to be earth friendly with mint condition apparel, cream of the crop selection and a hip, up-cycled atmosphere. Plum was named 5280 Magazine’s Top of The Town Consignment Shop.

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When it comes to our furry friends, there’s nothing we won’t do to ensure their health, safety and comfort.

Dr. Michelle Smith understood that even before she opened Stapleton Veterinary Hospital in Stapleton’s South End neighborhood almost 12 years ago. It is also why her practice specializes in making all of its four-legged patients enjoy a soothing environment.

“We focus on low-stress handling of patients and providing a fear free environment,” says Smith. “All of us at the practice have advanced training in handling the pets to make every visit a positive experience.”

Stapleton Veterinary Hospital is known and appreciated for its vast array of techniques such as pheromones, treats, noise control and music to reduce the stress or fear patients may feel when visiting or staying in the hospital.

With over 20 employees, the hospital offers wellness, health care, dental, ultrasound and surgical services, affordable microchipping, in-house lab testing, an in-house pharmacy, and end of life planning, all in one friendly location.

With Stapleton being such a pet-friendly community, there was little doubt Smith would open her practice there.

“Stapleton was a new master planned community and I really felt there was an opportunity to own, live and grow along with the other residents,” she says. “I love knowing my clients, their children and their pets, as well as the strong sense of community and friendship that I get from having practiced in the area for 12 years.

“I have watched this very well planned community from the beginning and love that I feel a part of that, Smith says. “I also enjoy my ½ mile commute to work!! No extra driving or traffic is a lovely perk.”

“We believe care doesn’t quit when they walk out of the hospital’s doors. Our skilled support staff are always only a web visit or a phone call away to provide answers to plaguing pet care questions.

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Tracy Adams, owner of Abode and Company, one of the newer businesses to open in Stapleton’s Northfield, chose Stapleton as the perfect place to open her home furnishings store because of Stapleton’s growth.

“All of the new homes in Stapleton, along with the rebirth of Park Hill, makes this location the logical place to open a store such as this,” she says. “Customers are furnishing their new homes, or redecorating their old ones.”

Offering a mix of furnishings, accents, household supplies, artwork, linens and even gourmet food, Adobe & Company opened in November 2014 and has been delighting customers ever since.

Drop in for a mix of affordable furnishings and other products that are equal to – if not superior to – the store’s counterparts in other neighborhoods.

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“We were expanding our operations from Lakewood and looking for the perfect place for a second location, and Stapleton welcomed us with open arms,” says Colorado Rustic Furnishings Owner Jackie Campbell.

Located in Stapleton’s Northfield shopping district, Colorado Rustic Furnishings proudly offers one-of-a-kind rustic furnishings, art, florals, tile works, rugs and gifts.

Campbell and her partner Keith proudly present handcrafted items with a love of this region and its residents reflected in every piece.

“You’ll find things here no one else has, and they will warm your home, and your heart,” she says.

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El Forastero, or as it is translated – “The Foreigner,” carries high-quality western boots, headwear, western wear and accessories. El Forastero has been well known in the Hispanic market for 20 years, and carries a highly regarded reputation for the handmade products they offer, which are imported directly from Mexico. Visit El Forastero Western Wear on Main Street, next to Journeys.

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Located in Stapleton’s Northfield, Eyebrow Threading and Design is ideally situated in a kiosk that allows for privacy while surrounding visitors with glass walls for a bright and airy environment.

Always bustling inside, owner Anupama “Anu” Sharma and her staff work diligently providing perfect brows for all those who prefer this ancient method of hair removal.

Eyebrow threading is a completely natural hair removal method that works for all skin types, including normal, sensitive, tanned or damaged skin. This technique can also be used to remove other facial and body hair as well.

Eyebrow threading is becoming a preferred option over waxing, especially for those people with thin and sensitive skin. Eyebrow threading uses a string to remove the hair, whereas a wax-based resin is applied to the skin and then wiped off to remove the hair from the skin.

With barely any contact with the skin, threading is non-irritating and chemical-free, while waxing tugs at skin when the hair is being removed, which can really irritate sensitive skin. It is also less painful.

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A small slice of heaven in Stapleton Northfield, JC Nails offers “princess of the day” treatments for all who enter.

Owner Jasmine Lee says there are no secrets when it comes to the quality of the products used, their sanitation procedures, or superior customer service.

From a quick pick-me-up, to the most luxurious and relaxing treatment, JC Nail Spa provides manicures, pedicures, waxes and, above all, an exceptional experience for royal customers who deserve to be pampered and indulged.

Lee was encouraged to open her salon in Stapleton by others who already owned businesses there, and is glad she heeded their advice.

Walk-ins and appointments are welcomed

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Three years ago, Katy Tartakoff moved to Stapleton. One and a half years ago, she relocated her photo studio to Northfield.

Katy’s vision is to find out what the photographic needs are of the families in Stapleton and Northfield and ideally, to meet those needs.  These are vital communities and as a portrait photographer, she wishes to become an integral part of both Stapleton and Northfield.

More than ever, Katy loves creating visual legacies for families. It’s the most satisfying aspect of her work as a photographer. Portrait photographs hang in your home as reminders of another time—your children as toddlers, three generations of mothers holding your newborn son, your daughter’s senior photo before she headed off to college. Images that tell the story of your journey as a family. Images you’ll treasure forever.

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Mountain Man Fruit and Nut Company is a well-established, Colorado-based franchise of creatively packaged roasted nuts, candies, dried fruits, chocolates, trail mixes and gift novelties.

Building on that brand in Northfield Stapleton is owner Curtis Halbach, who learned how to run a Mountain Man shop from his mother who owns her own store in Lakewood. “I already knew everything I needed to know to run the store by successfully working with her, so we thought it would be great to open a store in one of the hottest developments in Denver,” says Halbach. “It was a natural step, and the perfect place.

Brisk and consistent foot traffic keeps the store – and Halbech – busy, and also makes it a joy to open the store’s doors every day. “I knew this would be a great spot,” he says. “But the people here make it a great place to spend my day, which makes me a lucky man.”

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When Aaron Deng took over the ownership and management of Zen Asian Sushi Bar and Grill in Stapleton Northfield, fans of the previous restaurant were not only relieved that their favorite sushi bar remained, they were delighted that many of the menu’s standards remained as well.

But Deng and his staff have taken great care to make Zen their own unique creation, with new items added, and several traditional dishes tweaked with bold new flavors.

The décor remains inviting as well.

From the cascading water that embraces the sushi bar, to the art deco bamboo accents, the combination of great food and relaxing ambience makes Zen a popular spot for lunch, dinner and happy hour.

So, surround yourself with a contemporary ambience while enjoying some of Denver’s freshest sushi, delectable entrees, and personalized service.

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