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It’s a fresh perspective. A good conversation. A place to lose a few pounds or the weight of the world. A park can change your mood. Lift your spirits. And turn an ordinary day into one to remember. Kids expand their imaginations and learn to play together. People break free of their over-scheduled lives. That’s the power of a park—a Denver park.

Here, in Denver, parks are in our DNA. From day one, Stapleton was envisioned as a place where people will spend more time outside. Walking or riding instead of driving. Getting to know each other. Taking advantage of Colorado’s climate. And taking better care of themselves. In so many ways, parks are what make Stapleton … Stapleton.

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Unless noted, the parks listed below are maintained and managed by the Stapleton Master Community Association.
ARC PARKEastbridge Neighborhood – Two playgrounds with an open lawn in the center, and a walkway that follows the low, stone wall arching through the park.

ARROWHEAD PARK – Eastbridge Neighborhood – Delivers great views of the Front Range. A quiet respite with open space and benches.

BOUQUET PARK – Bluff Lake Neighborhood – landscaping and plantings that appeal to the sense of smell. Plus a cutting edge garden.

CENTRAL PARK – Borders Westerly Creek, Central Park West & Central Park North Neighborhoods – The third largest park in Denver includes playground equipment, a pond, climbing wall, fountains, gathering spaces, paved and dirt jogging trails, multi-sport fields, lookout spot, sledding hill, barbecues, bocce ball courts, full-length promenade and shade structures. (Managed by the City of Denver)

CHERRY PIE PARKBluff Lake Neighborhood – Inspired by the sense of taste. Features cherry trees, a recipe holder and edible landscape.

COMMUNITY GARDEN – South End Neighborhood – If you are lucky enough to have a spot, the community garden is a great source of better-tasting salads.

CONSERVATORY GREENConservatory Green Neighborhood – Two-acre performance green, water feature, shade structure and lots of gathering spaces.

CONSTELLATION PARK – East 29th Avenue Neighborhood – Recognizing people’s fascination with night’s sky, Constellation Park features an open area for stargazing and stones that form the Big Dipper. Includes a playground for youngsters too small to reach the telescope.

CORRIDOR PARKWillow Park East Neighborhood – A broad greenway with trails for biking and walking. See Rendering

COTTONWOOD GALLERY – Willow Park East Neighborhood – A shady canopy of cottonwoods. See Rendering

DOG PARK – South End Neighborhood – Three-acre off leash dog park.

F-18 PARKS A B C D – Central Park North Neighborhood – Gathering spaces inspired by elegant, formal parks found in Savannah, Georgia.

FALL PARK – Eastbridge Neighborhoods – Lookout across Westerly Creek from a shady pergola. Here, maple trees (and a mix of foliage) blaze with the colors of autumn in Denver.

FOUNDERS GREEN – East 29th Avenue Neighborhood – The hub of social activities; home of the farmers markets, movies on the green, StapletonRocks!, Stapleton Beer Fest and much more (50+ events/year). Features fountains, public art and at its center a two-acre performance area.

FRED THOMAS PARK – East 29th Avenue Neighborhood – Whatever you play you can probably play it here. Basketball, tennis and sand volleyball courts. Football, soccer, baseball and softball fields. Plus a playground and bike path. After the game, relax at the picnic tables, park benches or in the pavilion.  (Managed by the City of Denver)

GREEN LINKS – Conservatory Green Neighborhood – Linear parks that mix urban agriculture with prairie grasses. Vegetable gardens, flower gardens and massive logs and boulders for nature-inspired play. Plus benches, walking/jogging paths and playground equipment.

GREENWAY PARK – Borders East 29th Ave, South End and Westerly Creek Neighborhoods – A favorite among walkers and runners. Attractions include a skate park, dog park and a community garden. Other fun delights include an observation tower, climbing wall, picnic tables, playground, a Mud Pie sandbox and barbecues. (Managed by the City of Denver)

HARVEST PARK  Willow Park Neighborhood – A shaded community table, playground and edible plants such as pumpkins to be harvested in the fall.

HERITAGE PARK – East 29th Avenue Neighborhood – Open space that serves a deeper purpose: managing storm water. This is one of many Denver parks designed to help clean and move excess water.

LILAC LANE PASSAGEWAY – Conservatory Green Neighborhood – Pedestrian passageway between streets, lined with lilacs. A beautiful way to get from A to B.

MEASUREMENT PARK – 29th Avenue Neighborhood – Another of Stapleton’s many water-wise parks – helping manage, clean and move storm water.

MEWS – Central Park West Neighborhoods – Linear green spaces that take the place of streets. Homes are oriented toward these quiet parks fostering a unique sense of community. And each block has its own character; a mews may feature a playground, a giant sand pit or a community table.

PIZZA PARKWillow Park Neighborhood – In this park shaped like a pizza slice you will find an outdoor kitchen featuring picnic tables, a grill and a pizza oven, surrounded by edible herbs that might be used in your cooking! See rendering here.

PRAIRIE BASIN PARK – 33-acre park inspired by the way a river winds through the short grass prairie, The landscape home to a wide range of native flora and fauna.

PRAIRIE MEADOWS PARK – Willow Park East Neighborhood – Pack a picnic, lay back and look up at the sky from this grand open space.

QUILTED GARDEN PARK – Willow Park Neighborhood – Inspired by quilting and prairie folk art, this park includes a picnic table surrounded by a patchwork of plantings, a sandbox, playground and an art piece that looks like an exaggerated pin cushion.

RUMBLE PARK – Bluff Lake Neighborhood – Inspired by the sense of sound. Features include sound tubes for kids, stone structures and an amphitheater as well as a paved walking path, green belt and benches.

SAIL PARK – Eastbridge Neighborhood – Sometimes you just need some green grass, a bench to sit on and the warm Colorado sun on your face.

SANDHILLS PRAIRIE PARK – The neighborhood’s highest point offers sweeping Front Range views. See Rendering

SKATE PARK – South End Neighborhood – Located in Greenway Park, this is a real jewel for skateboarders, in-line skaters and BMX bikers. Designed to challenge advanced riders without intimidating newbies. (Managed by the City of Denver)

SONGBIRD PARK – South End Neighborhood – Gazebo-type gathering spaces, benches, geometric walking paths, a fountain and two very nice residences for our feathered friends.

SPINNING SPOKES PARKLET – Conservatory Green Neighborhood – Named for its wheel-like landscape design, two of the “spokes” have community garden plots and one spoke features an artful wire and metal post pergola covered in grape vines. Of course, there’s also a bike track for kids equipped with start and finish signs.

SPRING PARK – Eastbridge Park Neighborhood – From its elevated position, Spring Park delivers great views of Westerly Creek and Colorado’s Front Range. Enjoy the shade structure, open space, and the only May pole in Stapleton.

SQUARE PARK – Eastbridge Neighborhood – The concept for Square Park is unique because it’s filled with trees instead of being bordered by them like many of the neighborhood parks in Stapleton. Be sure to check out the honey locust trees that will someday create a canopy of shade.

SUMMER PARK – Eastbridge Park Neighborhood – Features a nice playground, adjacent to a lawn for impromptu sports. Large shade trees are planted along the south side to provide relief from the hot, Colorado summer sun.

TERRA PARK – Eastbridge Neighborhood – The center of this water-wise park is very low so it can collect excess storm water. The water is cleansed through sand and then it’s on its way to Westerly Creek.

TRIANGLE PARK – East 29th Avenue Neighborhood – Look for the formal plaza design and the massive trees rescued from the original Stapleton Airport.

UPLANDS PARK – Conservatory Green Neighborhood – Weaves an active green corridor through the Conservatory Green neighborhood. The park will be full of delightful surprises like bocce ball courts and outdoor living rooms.

VALENTIA STREET PARKWAY – Conservatory Green Neighborhood – This tree- and flower-lined footpath connects Conservatory Green Plaza with the future Prairie Meadows Park. Concrete-framed landforms provide a modern-design throughout the Conservatory Green neighborhood.

WESTERLY CREEK – Westerly Creek Neighborhood – Beautiful and functional. For decades storm water was moved through the area underground through giant concrete pipes. As part of the Green Book vision, the creek was restored to its natural state – creating a healthy natural habitat for birds and other species.  A network of multi-purpose trails in Westerly Creek connects you to Greenway Park, Central Park, the recreation center and the Sand Creek Regional Trail. Look for the recycled Staplestone (recycled from the airport) and the public art. (Managed by the City of Denver)

WILLOW BARK PARK – Stapleton’s second dog park, where dogs find their inner puppy.  See Rendering

WILLOW BASIN PARK – Willow Park East Neighborhood – The neighborhood’s namesake, a nice place for a walk and to connect to bike paths.  See Rendering

WINTER PARK – Eastbridge Neighborhood – On the winter solstice, stand at the center of the snowflake-emblazoned plaza and watch the sun drop between two, perfectly-positioned vertical stones on a nearby hill. Conifer trees provide a welcome burst of color during the snowy winter months.

29TH AVE PARKWAY – East 29th Ave Neighborhood – Inspired by the Tuileries Garden in Paris, this pathway is lined with trees, benches and flowers. It’s particularly active in the summer when people walk with their dogs, strollers and wagons (sometimes all three at once) to and from the farmers markets.

32ND AVE PARKWAY – Central Park West Neighborhood – A green corridor that provides a direct connection to Central Park. A meandering footpath that makes getting from A to B a sincere pleasure.

35TH AVE PARKWAY – Central Park North Neighborhood – Take the trail to the trail. Runners and walkers start their adventure on this parkway and connect to Westerly Creek and the Sand Creek Regional Trail. It opens to football-shaped lawn at Xenia Street where you’ll find a family of dogs having a picnic.

Rolling Bluff Park – Beeler Park Neighborhood
Lifted Meadow Park – Beeler Park Neighborhood
Front Porch Park – Beeler Park Neighborhood
Pea Pod Park – Beeler Park Neighborhood
Cottonwood Clearing Park – Beeler Park Neighborhood

BLUFF LAKE NATURE CENTER – A 123-acre urban wildlife refuge with meandering trails, trees, wildlife, a lake and nature center. Full of indoor and outdoor learning opportunities or simply a chance to get back to nature.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN ARSENAL NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE – A 15,000-acre expanse of prairie, wetland and woodland habitat. Provides environmental education, wildlife viewing opportunities, site tours and 10 miles of hiking trails. It may be one of the finest conservation success stories in history.

SAND CREEK REGIONAL GREENWAY – This 14-mile section of Metro Denver’s extensive trail network connects the South Platte River to the west, the High Line Canal to the east and Westerly Creek in Stapleton. Along the way, it winds through woodlands, breathtaking open space, past historic landmarks and wildlife.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]


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Founders_Green 157x98
The Green is where you can catch a movie or buy produce at the Farmers Market
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Denver’s 3rd largest park this 80 acre park has something for everyone.
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Running through the heart of Stapleton, a beautiful example of how getting there is half the fun.
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This 14-mile greenway passes through Stapleton, connecting to Denver’s 800-mile regional trails
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Stapleton’s dog park is three acres and one of only 10, off-leash dog parks in Denver.
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Whatever you play, you can probably play it here.
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A favorite among walkers and runners, this park has a little for everyone!
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Eastbridge Neighborhood is home to four pocket parks named after the seasons.
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