Witness History in the Making as Central Park Station Takes Flight, Saturday April 23rd


Witness history in the making as Central Park Station takes flight, Saturday April 23rd

By: Skylar Colclazier

The alarm is ringing. “Get up,” the voice in your heads tells you.

After hitting snooze one time too many, you climb out of your plush haven.

It’s another Monday and while work is on your mind, it’s the hour commute to the airport that has you grunting and groaning as you make the laborious trek out the door.

This Friday, April 22rd, everything is changing as the University of Colorado A Line opens for ridership.   

The University of Colorado A Line will offer sweet relief to the thousands of commuters who travel to and from DIA.

On Saturday, April 23rd, RTD, in conjunction with various sponsors, invite you to share the momentous success of the completion of the Commuter Rail from downtown to DIA. Not only will you be able to ride the train for free, but from 10am to 2pm, many of the stations along the A Line will be throwing a street party!

Next stop: Central Park Station!

Be sure to exit the train at Central Park Station (CPS) the largest station on the University of Colorado A Line. The CPS street party is brought to you by the lovely Stapleton Foundation who co-piloted the event and whose support helped us fly above and beyond.

Here’s a sneak peak at the event:

Upon exiting the platform of the commuter rail, you’ll enter into a whimsical world of adventure and entertainment.  Imagine music dancing through crowd and laughter floating in the wind. You’ll enjoy a learning opportunity with Denver’s best in blue among many others at the “Community Resources Runway.” Just across the strip, “Global Arts and Culture” will house the day’s entertainers and the event sponsors. Let yourself travel to another time and place while you watch an Ethiopian dance, Irish dance, Grupo Folklorico Sabor Latino and more.

Ever seen a Native American blessing? At 10am you’ll have the opportunity to witness one as a respectful and celebratory tone is set for the occasion.

We encourage you to bring the kids and embrace your inner child while flying through “The Runway to Kid’s Adventures.”  It’s where children will transform into fairies, cats, or anything they can imagine as they sit with the face painters. Kids can climb Everest at the climbing wall. This is the runway where imagination becomes creation.

Just across the way, you’ll land on “The Runway to Healthy Living.” Women twirling in Zamba movements through the crowd while yogis, cheerleaders, and athletes showcase a life of health and fitness.

Don’t forget to grab a bite before your departure. We’ve brought in different cuisines from around the world to satisfy your appetite.

This is a party you won’t want to miss; but, it’s more than that, it’s a historical event over 20 years in the making!

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