The Race to End Homelessness

Denver's Bed Race

Family Promise is excited to launch a Stapleton tradition!

The nonprofit serves families experiencing homelessness, and is planning a Bed Race event – encouraging teams of colleagues, friends and others to build mock beds to race down a city street. Each bed represents the emergency shelter Family Promise provides to those in need, and the race will be mid-September at Conservatory Green Park & Plaza!

Date: 9/17/2016

Time: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Place: Conservatory Green Park & Plaza

Click to get involved … or contact Family Promise to learn more: John Chambers, or 303.675.0713!

About Family Promise of Greater Denver

Family Promise is dedicated to ending homelessness one family at a time!

We provide emergency shelter, food and supportive services to an average of 70 families every year – surrounding them with compassion, resources and tools to truly break the cycle of homelessness. Since beginning in 1997, Family Promise of Greater Denver has helped more than 1,100 families: Watch a video about our mission!