Say hello to next year’s candid canines!

October 16, 2014 Dog Calendar No Comments

This year Stapleton’s residents kicked it up a notch with their photography skills! We received more than 130 photo submissions for the 2015 Dogs of Stapleton calendar. The task of narrowing the field down to only 26 winners (including the cover, back cover and runner-ups) was quite difficult this year.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who submitted a photo of their furry best friend(s). With the season changing and the holidays coming up, don’t forget to grab your camera and capture these picture perfect moments of your dogs (snow photos are always great) for 2016 submissions.

The official debut of the printed 2015 Dogs of Stapleton Calendar will be at Stapleton’s Winter Welcome on Friday, November 21st (6 pm start). Stop by 7350 East 29th Ave to  meet the winners and get your copy of the calendar.

See you soon!


-Cover Photo: Lucy (above)                                                                             

January: Kika


March: Bella Cervantes

April: Roux

May: JD

June: Puffis and Lochis

July: Dexter

August: Sally and George

September: Payton

October: Bokeh

November: Stella

December: Kuba

Back Cover: Ling Ling

Runners Up:

January: Rudy                           

February: Penny

March: Charlie and Lilly

April: Bella and Brady

May: Victoria

June: Nigel

July: Lola

August: Cami

September: Chesney

October: Nacho and Mia

November: Stella Rose

December: Webster and Daisy