Stapleton’s Calendar Canines – Fofo

Fofo on balcony, dogs of Stapleton Calendar WinnerFofo, dogs of Stapleton Calendar Winner

By: Holly Lange, Visitor Center Ambassador

We love our Stapleton Dogs, so we’ve been doing a monthly blog about our “Calendar Dogs” – the winners of our calendar contest and their families.

 This month, we feature Fofo, a 2 year old Yorkshire terrier, owned by Aura Padilla and her husband Alberto. We met and chatted in their lovely home in Conservatory Green.

How did Fofo get his name?

We adopted Fofo from Mexico about two years ago in October. A few months earlier, we attended the World Cup in Brazil and had a wonderful time. I love the Portuguese language and Fofo in Portuguese means “cute”.

How did your photo come about (and were you thinking about the calendar when you took it)?

My husband told me about the competition, so I searched through the photos I had. The one I chose is one of my favorites. When I took this photo, a lot of people at the Northfield shopping center stopped and said how cute he was in the basket.

Tell us a little about Fofo – what’s his favorite toy, or treat, or game?

When we first brought him home, he didn’t like the snow. Now he loves to play in it. His little duck is his favorite toy and he loves to play soccer with his little soccer ball. He tries to catch it like a goalie. He also loves to give kisses.

 What do you like about owning a dog in Stapleton?

I love this area – there are so many dogs and families and children. Everyone is crazy about Fofo (on one of our recent walks, someone stopped us because she recognized Fofo from the calendar), and he loves kids. He feels like he’s one of them. He also loves all of the parks – he likes to smell everything!

What’s the best tip you can give to others when submitting their photos for the calendar?

It doesn’t have to be professionally done. Just catch a cute expression or a funny moment – don’t overthink it.

We hope these answers will inspire others to submit their photos for the 2017 Dogs of Stapleton calendar. Remember to post on social media using #dogsofstapleton.