Stapleton’s Calendar Canines – Lulu

LuLu 2a

By: Holly Lange, Visitor Center Ambassador

We love our Stapleton Dogs, so we’ve been doing a monthly blog about our “Calendar Dogs” – the winners of our calendar contest and their families.

This month, we feature Lulu, submitted by Stephen and Hollie Hawkins, who live in Bluff Lake.

We met up with them and their baby, Henry, at Cherry Pie Park in Bluff Lake.

When you submitted her photo – you added this in your note: “This is LuLu, our 2 1/2 year old half-bloodhound, half-Bouvier des Flandres (we have the DNA testing to prove it).” Tell us about that.

“The rescue group we adopted her from told us that was her mix, but when we saw her we thought that was a wild claim. Everyone who saw her had a different theory for her breed background, from Irish Wolfhound to Giant Schnauzer to even Labradoodle. We were so curious that for her first birthday we ordered one of those dog DNA tests and about eighty bucks later, sure enough, she was exactly half Bloodhound and half Bouvier des Flanders as claimed!”

How did your photo come about (and were you thinking about the calendar when you took it)?

“It was a beautiful April evening, and we decided to get a pizza and go to Central Park. We went up to the sledding hill to watch the sunset. The light was hitting LuLu just right and there she was, just soaking up the magic hour – it was perfect. That photo really brought out her red undertones, and her brown eyes, but most of the time she looks jet black.”

Did you have a lot of potential photos, and what made you choose this one to submit?

“When the call for entries was announced, Stephen submitted that one and a snow photo, but her face was hard to see in the snow photo.”

Tell us a little about LuLu – and what’s her favorite toy, or treat, or game?

“ LuLu is half-bloodhound, half-Bouvier des Flandres (and we have the DNA testing to prove it). She loves running through the snow, and she likes to play fetch, but isn’t very good at bringing the ball back. At home, she’s very protective of us against all the squirrels and robins. She loves squeaky toys, like her cow and her Chewbacca, and likes to take the squeakers out.  However, her favorite toy, if we allowed her to have it, would be baby Henry’s Sophie the Giraffe. She definitely covets that toy.”

What do you like about owning a dog in Stapleton?

“It’s almost a prerequisite, owning a dog in Stapleton. The sidewalks, the green areas – and it’s fun to have someone to play in the parks with. It’s just a really dog-friendly area. It seems like everyone’s got a dog.”

What’s the best tip you can give to others when submitting their photos for the calendar?

“You should take it in a location that people recognize.  It should show off Stapleton. Plus, that photo showed off her face well. It lends itself to a funny caption (which is one of our favorite things about the calendar).”

We hope these answers will inspire others to submit their photos for the 2017 Dogs of Stapleton calendar. Don’t forget to take those snow photos while you still can, and remember to post on social media under #dogsofstapleton.