Stapleton’s Calendar Canines – Moxi

Dogs of Stapleton Calendar winner Moxi

By: Holly Lange, Visitor Center Ambassador

We love our Stapleton Dogs, so we’ve started a monthly blog about our “Calendar Dogs” – the winners of our calendar contest and their families.

This month, we feature Moxi, submitted by the Tolbert family in Central Park North. Barley and I met with Allison, Moxi, and Moxi’s “brother” – Diesel the boxer.

So, on a lovely spring-like day, just a few days before Valentine’s Day, we talked about Moxi, and her winning photo.

When we got started, I noted: I keep wanting to spell “Moxi” like “Moxie”…

Allison explained: “Moxi was the name brand of a TV we once owned. When Moxi (the dog) was a puppy, she chewed up the remote control”, so the name stuck.

 How did your photo come about (and were you thinking about the calendar when you took it)?

She described how a local Stapleton photographer, Melissa Olson Downham of Z. Noelle Photography ( was working on a “best friends” tween contest, and was asking family and friends if they wanted to enter their tweens and their playmates for a series of photographs. Allison entered her daughter Ella, but told Melissa that Ella’s best friend was Moxi, her 8 year old English Bulldog.

I noticed that Moxi  has a habit of running right into the camera.

Allison mentioned that apparently a number of photos of her on the shoot ended up being without Ella. It seems that Melissa had these “extra” shots of Moxi and sent them along. One in particular really caught Allison’s eye, and became our February calendar winner.

Did you have a lot of potential photos, and what made you choose this one to submit?

This was the first time Allison thought about entering one of their dogs (they have three, Moxi, Diesel, and Sage, the red heeler). That photo really stood out, and once they saw the notice about the contest, it just seemed the perfect choice.

Tell us a little about Moxi – what’s her favorite toy, or treat, or game?

She told me Moxi loves to eat almonds and carrots. Her soft toys usually end up being her pillows.

What do you like about owning a dog in Stapleton?

Allison responded: “There are so many dogs here in Stapleton, and being on a pocket park, the dogs help us stay social and connected with our neighbors.” Their daughter Ella also does some dog walking for the neighbors.

What’s the best tip you can give to others when submitting their photos for the calendar?

Allison makes jewelry, and often photographs her pieces for her website ( Even though she didn’t take Moxi’s photo, her best advice would be to go outside and take advantage of the natural light.

We hope these answers will inspire others to submit their photos for the 2017 Dogs of Stapleton calendar. Don’t forget to take those snow photos while you still can, and remember to post on social media under #dogsofstapleton.