Stapleton’s Calendar Canines – Winston

Dogs of Stapleton Winner

By: Holly Lange, Visitor Center Ambassador

We love our Stapleton Dogs, so we’ve started a monthly blog about our “Calendar Dogs” – the winners of our calendar contest and their families.

The Montgomery family submitted a photo of Winston (a German shorthaired pointer) as a puppy, and he’s our featured January winner.

We asked Christina a few questions about her photo, and Winston.

 How did your photo come about (and were you thinking about the calendar when you took it)?

-I took this photo one snowy afternoon in our backyard. It was the first snow since we had brought Winston home and I wanted to document his first snow with us and hopefully capture an award-winning shot for the calendar. Luckily, I was able to accomplish both! Our dogs Homer and Hailey were featured in the calendar the first year we moved here (runners-up for May of 2011 – pictured above) so having Winston continue this tradition for us was certainly a driving factor in my photo session goals.

Did you have a lot of potential photos, and what made you choose this one to submit?

-There were a couple of options but this one just seemed to capture that extra special moment when he was looking at the camera.

Tell us a little about Winston – what’s his favorite toy, or treat, or game?

-Winston is an energetic, sweet dog. He loves playing chase and soccer with the kids and loves to sing along during our piano practices. His favorite toy is actually the one he received from his winning photo. He loves any toy that squeaks, moves, makes noise or has fur! 

What do you like about owning a dog in Stapleton?

-We love that the community is extremely dog friendly with designated space and events that focus on them too!

What’s the best tip you can give to others when submitting their photos for the calendar?

-I used a camera that could take multiple pictures really quickly so that I wouldn’t miss that special moment. 

We hope these answers will inspire others to submit their photos for the 2017 Dogs of Stapleton calendar. Don’t forget to take those snow photos while you still can, and remember to post on social media under #dogsofstapleton.